An Offer Not To Be Missed

A number of readers have asked me, "How can I do this Internet thing when I don't even know how to set up a Wordpress site?"

I thought that was a fair point and as it's my mission to help you all as much as possible I got to thinking about the best way to do this.

So Here's A Special Offer To All You Special People.


My Newsletter and Membership Site
is aimed at giving you the very best and latest
Internet Marketing News and Training
and as a reader of Online Marketing For Seniors

I'm inviting you to join for the discounted price of just
$7.95 a month.

But don't think it will be some cheap, rehashed rubbish that you can find all over the internet.

Here's A Promise: You will personally discover more about Internet Marketing while reading one issue of our newsletter than you'll ever get buying 5 eBooks from Clickbank.
How cool is that?

So, with this in mind, perhaps I should introduce you to the topics and features you can come to expect each month within each upcoming issue of your newsletter:

  • WordPress: How to set up a WordPress blog
  • Amazon S3: The best and cheapest way to host your products
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking: The alternative ways to write your content without having to type
  • Media: Where to find free or cheap photos on the web
  • PLR: Tips on how to use PLR for your blog and email content
  • YouTube: Quick & easy 'set & forget' video marketing techniques to send continual targeted traffic
  • Blogging: How to get your readers positively addicted to you and your blog from the very first time they visit.
  • Conversions: How to literally quadruple your sales conversions, guaranteed. Make 4 times the profits from the SAME traffic
  • Outsourcing: This is the key to making millions, yet most marketers get it totally wrong. Here's how to use outsourcing to make your first 5, 6 and eventually 7 figure incomes.
  • JVs: Scared to death to do JVs? Think you don't have anything to offer? Guess again! Here are over 20 methods to get JVs with almost anyone.
  • Offliners: Tough time getting in the door? Here are 5 simple services you can offer that will have brick and mortar businesses begging you for more.
  • Persuasion: Top 20 tactics for quickly and easily turning prospects into buyers using the Jedi mind tricks of master hypnotists. (Your prospects won't stand a chance!)
  • Fiverr: How to earn $500 or more per week doing simple little things that require almost no skill.
  • Facebook: How to make a killing on Facebook with a $50 budget and zero experience.
  • Free Marketing Tips: How to completely differentiate yourself from every other offline marketer out there and show your clients how to make far MORE money without spending a dime on advertising!
  • Niches: 50 niches that are just begging to be exploited. We're talking low competition and high profits.
  • Listbuilding: How to continually build a red hot list of buyers without ever selling a single product (Ingenious!).
  • Webinars: The step-by-step system anyone can use to host profit-pulling webinars – even if you don't have anything to sell and you hate speaking!
  • Podcasting: Don't just do any old podcast – design yours to become a non-stop money maker with these 25 little known techniques.
  • .... and much, much more

Early subscribers will be have this price locked in for as long as they stay a member.
And let's face it, why wouldn't you stay when there is new content and training being added constantly.

The newsletter will contain over 32+ pages of current, up-to-date pure Internet Marketing content that contains an Introduction, all the Latest News, Internet Marketing Ideas, Cool Resources, an Epilogue and Feature Length Articles  all in one place, each and every month. IMPORTANT: This is NOT rehashed or crappy old PLR content – This is professional, timely, relevant content which will keep your  attention and keep you coming back for more!

And here is a screenshot showing all the inside pages of one of our recent issues:


When you claim your first issue of the Internet Marketing Times Newsletter today, we’re also going to include a brand new Audio PLR interview.

Even better… every single month you’ll receive a new interview with a leading marketer… at no extra cost!

Here’s a sample of an interview we did with Laura Casselman, the inspiring CEO of what is arguably one of, if not THE, best affiliate marketplaces for information publishers and software developers... JVZoo

A Quick Preview...

Laura Casselman - Audio Interview










Fair warning… these Audio Interviews will be launched as a separate service later on, with a monthly cost of $47.

But right here today, you’ll not only get your first Audio Interview copy for free… You will also completely bypass any future cost and lock yourself in to getting one free Audio Interview every single month!

And we have some great ones already lined up for you, including interviews with a hand-picked selection of  internet marketing super-heroes like; Marlon Sanders, Bill Glazer, Matt Bacak, Ryan Deiss, Russell Brunson, Clate Mask, Frank Kern, Tai Lopez, Laura Casselman, Todd Gross, Paul Ponna, Luke Maquire, Amy Porterfield, Dr Ben Adkins, Ron Douglas .... and Many More…

Your fresh, created from scratch, monthly content contains an IntroductionResources, an Epilogue and all the Latest News and internet marketing Techniques and Methods in one place (Again this is NOT rehashed info – this is timely, relevant and will keep your attention!)




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