How to Get Started with Amazon S3 Step-By-Step Videos

I thought it would be a good idea to include some free training to help you work your way through this internet maze (and you're welcome).

Now this might not be the obvious first step but I had the opportunity to pick up these traing videos by Charles Harper and decided to post them now.

Amazon S3 storage is what I think of as a must-have tool and something that you're going to need in your toolbox at some time, so it makes sense to learn about it now.

Amazon S3 is very affordable. I'm talking cents not dollars and you only pay for what you use.

With  a claimed 99.99% availability, it’s like all Amazon products, very reliable and highly secure too

The 20 Amazon S3 training videos below will ease you into using the amazing versatility of Amazon S3 and as I said before all the videos were created by Charles Harper, a renowned Veteran Product Creator.

I just bought his Get Started With Amazon S3 PLR and decided to share it with you.

This is is an example of how you can use PLR in a very
positive way
to engage with your followers...and anyway
I need to make time to
catch up on some films I've
been saving for a rainy day!


So watch the videos below and see how you can use S3 in your online business!

Video #1 – Overview


Video #2 - Pricing   


Video #3 - Set Up   


Video #4 - File Storage 

Video #5 - File Interface-Filezilla 

Video #6 - File Interface-Cloudberry        

Video #7 - File Delivery   

Video #8 - File Backup    

Video #9 - File Backup- Part-2   

Video #10 - File Sharing  

Video #11 - Cloud Transfers       

Video #12 - Zapier Connection - Part 1 - Dropbox 

Video #13 - Zapier Connection - Part 2 - Google Drive 


Video #14 - Hosting Multimedia on S3   

Video #15 - Using a Multimedia Interface on S3   

Video #16 - Should I Host Multimedia on S3        


Video #17 - File Protection   


Video #18 - Tracking Bandwidth 

Video #19 - Embedding Amazon S3 Video to Static HTML  

Video #20 - Conclusion

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