Me and Lockdown

So we're in lockdown. What does this mean for you?


Hopefully you're all well and all it means is you're sitting at home
and fed up with day time TV and Netflix.

I'm in my seventies and considered in the vulnerable category. As well as my age I've just been diagnosed with high blood pressure. Such a shock as it's been around the 120 over 60 for nearly all my life. The meds should handle that though and I must say I don't feel "vulnerable", whatever we're told. Still, I'm being good and have been self-isolating for the last four weeks.

So what to do with all this down time.

For me, it means a chance to knuckle down and get some blogging done.

And for you, why not join me in starting a new, online venture?
Nobody knows your age on the internet and there are still lots of opportunities and models to get involved in. e.g. blogging, e-commerce, videos, etc.

I'm busy uploading a batch of training videos and programs that have been gathering virtual dust on my hard drive, Some are free, some I'm charging a modest fee for.

You can check them out here:

Like me, I'm sure you've probably got a lot of material on your own hard drives. Don't leave it there. Get a domain and some hosting and get it out there. That's what you bought it for.

And if you haven't got your own products, I can help you there, too. Just check out

or  get in touch at

I'm always delighted to hear from any and all of you.

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